Shandong Inlink Optoelectronic Technology

STATE GRID Corporation of China OPGW product supplier.

All main equipment and raw materials of the company are sourced from global brand suppliers, such as three high-precision laser welding production lines of Germany TRUMPF, seven sets of stranding equipment of China United Equipment Group Hefei Shenma, 10 sets of Shanghai Yupin optical fiber coloring machines, etc.

Shandong Inlink Optoelectronic Technology Co .,Ltd


It also has the support of POSCO stainless steel belt in South Korea, Hansen&Rosenthal hydrogen evolution fiber paste in Germany, aluminum clad steel wire of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, and high-quality raw materials such as Hengtong and Changfei high-quality optical fiber.


Our Team

Our Team

The company has a professional sales, production, research and development quality testing team.


STATE GRID Corporation of China OPGW product supplier.We have won multiple bids for the State Grid’s centralized procurement project every year. The annual bid winning amount reaches Eight Million USD.


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