Common Models of OPGW Optical Cable 24 Cores

OPGW optical cable, also known as optical fiber composite overhead ground wire, places the optical fiber in the ground wire of the overhead high-voltage transmission line to form an optical fiber communication network on the transmission line. This structure has dual functions of ground wire and communication. OPGW optical cable Due to the wrapping of metal wires, the optical cable is reliable, stable and firm. Since the overhead ground wire and the optical cable are combined into one, compared with other optical cables, the construction period is shortened and the construction cost is saved.

OPGW optical cable 24-core common specifications and models: OPGW-24B1-50, OPGW-24B1-60, OPGW-24B1-80, OPGW-24B1-90, OPGW-24B1-100.

OPGW optical cable has the dual functions of ground wire and communication optical cable, eliminating the huge cost of repeated erection and maintenance; it is installed on the top of the power overhead line tower, without considering factors such as hanging points and electrical corrosion; large transmission capacity and high communication quality; It has superior mechanical and electrical properties; good safety performance, long service life, and is not easy to be destructive gunshots.

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Shandong Inlink Optoelectronic Technology Co .,Ltd,. was established in 2018 and is a professional manufacturer of OPGW optical fiber composite overhead ground wire, power non-metallic optical cable, and surrounding supporting equipment.

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