Double Suspenslon for OPGW

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Double Suspenslon for OPGW opgw hardware fittings/opgw hardware accessories.

Product introduction

The suspension clamp for OPGW is mainly used to hang OPGW cable
on the transmission line support and connect immediate support or
angle 25°-50°.Each support is matched with one set.

Features of aluminum housing:the broken strength≥100KN,120KN
the holding strength 10%-20%RTS.


Inner preformed armor rods:Aluminum alloy.It enlaces outer layer of OPGW

Outer preformed rods:Aluminum alloy.

Included in complete set of suspension for OPGW are inner preformed armor rods,outer preformed rods,two suspension head (two pair of aluminum housings,two pair of plastic inserts,two set of bolts,lock nuts,and lock washers etc.)ZS shackle,anchor UB shackle

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