Metalllc Jolnt Box for Flber Optlc Cable


  • With excellent environmental applicability, reliability and waterproof, fullymeet the requirements of the life of the optical communication system.
  • Easy to operate, optical fiber splicing loss is not affected by the stressthe transmission properties of optical fiber.
  • Connector box in the optical fiber fixed on the tower and the connector boxfixed is convenient, fast and strong.Can be installed on the tower, theconcrete pole.
  • The splice, reinforced by hot-melting & hot-shirking bushing, and the excesslength of fiber optic cable are accommodated in laminated way.
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Aluminum alloy type, hat

Type Core Note
GJD-JT12 Tower, 12 core Aluminum alloy type, hat,12 core
GJD-JG12 Rod, 12 core
GJD-JT24 Tower, 24 core Aluminum alloy type, hat,24 core
GJD-JG24 Rod, 24 core
GJD-JT36 Tower, 36 core Aluminum alloy type, hat,36 core
GJD-JG36 Rod, 36 core
GJD-JT48 Tower, 48 core Aluminum alloy type, hat,48 core
GJD-JG48 Rod, 48 core

Stainless steel type, hat

Type Core Note
GJD-ST12 Tower, 12 core Stainless steel type, hat,12 core
GJD-SG12 Rod, 12 core
GJD-ST24 Tower, 24 core Stainless steel type, hat,24 core
GJD-SG24 Rod, 24 core
GJD-ST36 Tower, 36 core Stainless steel type, hat,36 core
GJD-SG36 Rod, 36 core
GJD-ST48 Tower, 48 core Stainless steel type, hat,48 core
GJD-SG48 Rod, 48 core
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