OPGW Layered Stranded Stainless Steel Tube Type

The structural design of the layer-stranded stainless steel pipe OPGW makes it have better mechanical and electrical properties. Its characteristics are as follows:

  1. Multiple optical fiber stainless steel units are fixed into an optical cable by twisting process, so that the optical cable has high tensile force and anti-extrusion ability, and can resist bending and extrusion force applied by the outside world.
  2. As an electrical conductor, the aluminum-clad steel wire can provide good electrical performance and ensure the stability and reliability of signal transmission.
  3. The number of twisted layers of aluminum-clad steel wire is more than two layers, which increases the strength and stability of the optical cable, and can adapt to complex construction environments and erection requirements.
  4. The cable has a larger diameter, can withstand greater mechanical strength and the influence of the external environment, and has a longer service life.
  5. The stainless steel tube is used as a protective layer, which can prevent the cable from being damaged by the outside world, and has corrosion resistance and weather resistance.
  6. OPGW is more convenient in the process of installation and maintenance, which can improve work efficiency and reduce costs.
  7. In general, the layer-stranded stainless steel pipe OPGW has good mechanical and electrical properties, and can be widely used in transmission lines and communication networks and other fields.
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